Private Art Instruction Sample Sheet

2018 Pricing:
$30/hour in studio; 2 hour minimun instruction

Payment  is due at the beginning of first scheduled lesson

Student Name:_________________________________________________________________

Date                  Length/Hours               Description of Instruction

06/08/18          2 Hours                             Preliminary Interview: discuss student's interests and skill level, basic design concepts, and       

                                                                                                                           willingness to commit to independent study

                                                                          Goal Setting: schedule-based projects and deadlines, preferred mediums, and concept for first 


06/15/18         2 Hours                              Discuss: student's progress on first project, suggest improvements and discuss strengths of

                                                                                            current work, set goals for completion of first project; discuss second project

                                                                         Goal Setting: discuss independent study if applicable, potential new mediums, and deadline for

                                                                                                      second project

06/22/18          2 Hours                            Discuss: student's progress on second project, suggest improvements and discuss strengths of

                                                                                            work, set goals for completion; discuss third project or guided use of additional


                                                                        Goal Setting: discuss independent study if applicable and set goals for last scheduled instruction


06/29/18         2 Hours                            Discuss: discuss student's perception of the instruction received, critique all completed projects,

                                                                                          suggest direction for any work in progress

                                                                       Goal Setting: discuss completion of any incomplete work and potential independent study based

                                                                                                    on concepts learned during private instruction

Total Hours: 8          Amount Due: $240

Guardian Signature______________________________________________________________

Instructor's Signature______________________________________________________________

Art Journaling 1: Cultivating Positivity

In this two hour workshop, you will learn the art of Positivity Journaling.  Artist, Frances Byrd, will provide samples of completed journals, inspirational quotes, and her personal journey toward self-awareness and cultivating a positive outlook.

Mixed media materials and a blank sketch journal are provided for this workshop. Participants are encouraged to bring their favorite pens or pencils, found papers or book pages, magazine clippings, washi tape, or any other material that can be cut to fit and glued into or onto a journal.

During our two hour work session, we will peruse and copy down quotes of interest, discuss story-telling and themes, and share our work with fellow participants. If you have favorite quotes to share, please feel free to bring them along! Our main focus will be decorating the outside cover of the journal and discussing how participants can use this workshop to establish a daily positive journaling habit to help them focus on feeling better and doing better in their own lives.

Samples of completed journals will be provided for reference during the workshop. Each participant will receive 1 sample positivity journal, 1 blank sketchbook, access to a selection of inspirational quotes, and a variety of mixed media supplies to share among participants.

Group Workshop: $45/person, 10 person minimum, 2 hours

Semi-Private Workshop: $60/person, up to 5 People, 2 hours - the small size of this workshop allows for more individual and specialized instruction.

Concepts to be covered include Cover Art, Themes and the Importance of telling a story, Impact of Positivity on our lives, The Importance of Daily Creativity
Instruction includes, but is not limited to, Composition and Design, Making Personalized Materials, Iconography, Illustrating Ideas and the use of mixed media materials.

(Host)ess Incentives
Interested in hosting a workshop in your home or business? The first time you host a Workshop, you will receive the supply packet and participate with your friends at no charge. If you schedule additional workshops, you can receive the same supply packet as a gift for a friend OR choose from available art created for this incentive program.
Businesses interested in discussing a commission-based alternative are welcome to schedule an appointment to discuss terms. *Pricing per participant will increase for commission-based workshops.*

Contact: for availability and pricing details

Future Offerings
Positivity Gift Packs, Custom Embellishments, Continuing Workshop Series, Themed Workshops with Specialized Material, Bridal Workshops, Making Personalized Embellishments, Embellished Quote Journal, Gratitude Boxes, Positivity Journal Gift Packs, Alternative Book Binding, Bulk-Order Pricing, Gift Making Workshops, Ornament Making Workshops, Handmade Cards

Discussion of Concepts

Cover Art

Decorating the cover of your journal is not critical to the project, but it does allow you to personalize your project and make it more unique. If you're like me, and you have a shelf full of journals, it's nice to be able to pick out a specific one by sight if you want to refer to a specific page or quote for inspiration or personal growth.

Impact of Positivity on our lives
I have not always had a positive outlook. I have worked hard to overcome personal obstacles and improve my behavior. None of us are perfect – that is not the point of this workshop. The point is realizing and accepting our imperfections and striving to be better and set a better example for others.
I believe that focusing on the positive improves our outlook. The negativity will always be there; don't let it drag you down.

Themes and the Importance of Telling a Story
It is not necessary to set a theme for your journal. If you are just getting started building the habit of daily journaling, it is more important for you to establish the habit of working in your journal daily – sometimes this just means taking a few minutes at the end of the day to read through your completed pages. Don't create stress for yourself when you miss a day because of a busy schedule or lack of inspiration. This activity should be something you enjoy.
That being said, I recommend trying a themed journal or story-telling project once you have established consistency in your work habits. I find telling a story to be a constructive way for me to work through concepts I want to develop for my fine art projects. On a personal level, I find working with a theme to be a good way to work through personal struggles and the addition of a story is often beneficial to improving my outlook and consistency in working toward goals.
Things to consider: Putting emphasis on specific/meaningful words, Simplifying Concepts and focusing on core ideas, Making personalized Embellishments

The Importance of Daily Creativity
I believe that creativity improves the outlook of everyone, regardless of their talents or skill level. Again, don't stress about perfection – build a habit. This is something I struggle with constantly. I want everything I do to be perfect. That is an unfair and unrealistic standard. Sketchbooks and journals are not about perfect finished pieces of art, they are about process, learning, and personal development. Embrace the imperfections and use them to improve your outlook or your more polished creative endeavors.

Share the Love
Once you establish a habit of regular journaling, consider making copies of your favorite journals for friends. Even better, make them a whole journal of inspirational quotes and original artwork as a gift. There is nothing more precious than a handmade gift and no more inspirational gift than a considered collection of quotes and art.

BE the change you want to see in the world.

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