Combining a passion for history and a desire to express complex ideas in a visual format with contemporary methods of technique and symbolism.
My formal training is in the field of illustration. I am a self-taught painter. The story I tell is my art.

What are people saying about Libertas Americana Art?

Betty Taylor: watercolor artist and patron, Oregon - “My friend, Frances Byrd, is kicking into high gear with her art and community involvement. She is also on the front line in the fight against human trafficking. I invite you to visit her pages and follow her progress...”

Michael Lancaster: patron, Florida - A great artist. A great American leader. A community activist who thinks we should do more for our communities rather than get government involved. A healthier way to make our local communities work. Talk to her. See if you can help. This young woman has some answers, but she is a crowd of one.

I so totally love you guys and what you are doing, importantly for yourselves, but equally for your community. An amazing story. When you get a minute in all your free time, get me a little more on the three of you and your buildings and I will write a poem for you, celebrating what you're doing. (In response to my 2017 Heartbomb Campaign with Katie Griffin and Rena Cantrell)

Don Byram: friend, photographer, and professional framer, Kansas - One of the hardest working artists I personally know. And she is on a mission.

Tami Nantz: friend and writer - Friends, if you love art & are a patriotic American, please consider following my friend Frances' page! I absolutely love her passion!

Rick Wobbe: stained glass artist and patron, Florida - I hope you go far! You're the best Frances! You have helped me in a hundred different ways!
Thank you for letting me in three years ago!! I am indebted always! Love your page! Rick

Natalie Thomas: friend, event planner and DDA Director, Commerce GA – Frances, you told me a while ago something I will never forget. You said the reason you would be willing to volunteer is because you had seen me thank people who volunteered. So I would say this to you...thanking me for supporting your art is enough!!! I love your work and think you are a wonderful person. You get it!!!

Leslie Dills: friend, baker, and business partner, Commerce GA- I agree with Natalie. I am more than happy to help you and any other local artist or craftsman in anyway that I possibly can. Your art is amazing and I see all of the time, effort and heart you put into trying to make Commerce better. I would like to thank you for all that you do !! I do think the calendars and art raffle are both great ideas to generate some attention to your art and your crowdfunding plan and goals.

Tasha: friend, artist, and patron, Georgia - I'll think on it and get back to you. I support and share your art because I believe in you, your art, and your mission. Hard for me to think about getting something in return for supporting a fellow artist.

Linda White: friend and artisan, Commerce GA - My sentiments exactly. Your art is one of a kind and it makes me happy just to be able to help. You know the adage ..... Karma gives what karma gets. So to help in your journey will also help in my journey down the road.

Katie: friend and photographer, Commerce GA - I love your art! The liberty bell and the song birds are simply stunning. Your work speaks volumes to me and so many others. I would love if you did a raffle or a digital download of one of your paintings


Creating art that preserves the integrity of our history and individuality. Inspiring others to invest in the future of our American culture.


Combining formal training, research, an undying passion and a driving need to always learn more.

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Libertas Americana

About Frances Byrd

 It is my goal to create heirloom quality works that will inspire others to preserve our American heritage. My art is not only meant to be enjoyed in the short term, but to be passed on to future generations as reminder of the potential within us all for greatness and prosperity.

Libertas: personification of the political libertas that distinguishes the free from the enslaved

Americana: the feminine noun or adjective referring to American culture.

Frances Byrd is an artist and stay-at-home mom who loves all things old, keeping chickens, and living in the rural south. 

Artist Statement

I believe in the wisdom of Ghandi's words :  "Be the change you want to see in the world".

This message has inspired my art to take a more positive direction and led to multiple new series of works currently in progress. I hope to inspire others to share their personal visions with the world through their art, using our collective creativity to express a kinder view of the world and a better understanding of our individuality. Now, more than ever, we need open dialogue and a free expression of all ideas.